Wassim Nehme

Maestro Wassim Nehme
Maestro Aikido FESIK DA


Wassim Nehme was born in Bsharri, Lebanon on April 24th, 1967.
In 1985 at the age of 18 he moved to Parma, Italy to study medicine, sponsored by his brother, Michel Nehme. Shortly thereafter he began his studies in medicine at the University of Parma. He began practicing aikido with his brother immediately, at Master Nehme’s dojo, which was then known as Aikido Parmense.
At the end of 1986, Wassim had the honor of being introduced to Sensei Morihiro Saito (IX Dan,) founder of Takemusu Aiki Iwama Ryu. Wassim was truly impressed by the peaceful spirit of this martial art, especially after living through the civil war in Lebanon as a child. Under the guidance of Master Michel, he continued his growth in aikido by studying with Sensei Paolo Corallini (7
th Dan) and Sensei Alessandro Tittarelli (6th Dan), direct students of Sensei Saito.
In 1994, after 8 years of continual study and practice, Wassim earned his Shodan in Iwama Ryu directly from Sensei Saito. In 1995, he earned his Shodan in ken and jo. Wassim continued a dedicated course of study and practice, and in 1997 he earned his Nidan and his Nidan in ken and jo, again directly from Sensei Saito.
Meanwhile, Wassim had started teaching himself, along with Master Michel, and in 1997 he founded his own dojo, called Itai Doshin Aikido, in Parma, Italy.
In 1999, Wassim earned his Sandan FESIK-DA, in 2004 he earned his yondan FESIK-DA.
In 2009 Wassim earned his Godan FESIK-DA.
In October 2011, Wassim had the honor of participating in a seminar with Sensei Yoshimitsu Yamada Shihan, 8th Dan, in Parma, Italy. Shortly after he was invited by Shihan Yamada to visit him at the Aikikai New York City. In Feb2012 Encouraged by Shihan Yamada, he started teaching aikido again, near his home in southern Vermont, and founded the Myoho Aikido Vermont dojo and was sponsored by Shihan Yamada to become a member of the United States Aikido Federation (USAF).